About the Band

Sean Morris and the Doghouse Roses is a UK-based Americana band who released their debut single 'Never Look Back' in 2020. Their music combines the introspective, confessional lyrical approach of 'Blood on the Tracks' era Bob Dylan, with the passionate, heartland rock stylings of Bruce Springsteen. Their debut single 'Never Look Back' was widely praised by critics and fellow musicians alike.  

The band was founded by experienced musicians Sean Morris and Mark Emsley. Sean has been writing songs for over a decade and, as a counsellor in training, understands the importance of music in helping to promote good mental health. He was the frontman for 90's influenced heavy rock band Wolf Law in 2006 before picking up an acoustic guitar and going solo. The band’s lyrics reflect Sean’s desire to make meaningful, inward-looking music which listeners can connect with to help them through whatever troubles they may be facing. 

Mark has been playing music for many years, and was an award winning pianist. Switching to rock in his teens, Mark embarked on a journey which would see him play guitar across the world with various big name bands and demonstrating guitar products for some of the biggest brands in the guitar world, including Hughes & Kettner, Line 6, Fender and ESP. He is also a gifted songwriter in his own right.

In 2021 the band released their sophomore single 'I'll Never Let Go Of Your Hand', a song which takes an unflinching look at the subject of suicide and it's devastating repercussions. All profits from the single will be donated to CLIC Sargent, a charity that provides support to young people, and their families, who are living with cancer.