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Well, there’s a dark cloud rising
With all this talk about me and you
Just give me one more shot, girl
I wanna show you what love can do

I know it’s unbearable
When your skies have turned
From blue to black
But won't you take my hand now, darling
We’ll never look back

I hear you’ve been hurt, baby
And I bet you think I’m the reckless kind
Don’t let the doubt in your heart win
Cos loving you is the one thing on my mind

This world won’t beat us down
And we'll find a way to readapt
Just put your trust in me now, darling
We’ll never look back

So, come on baby
When your troubles are walking beside you
And you need me
Honey, I’ll be a light in the dark to guide you
When the nights won’t pass
And only the bad times last

Cos this life can be mean
And it’s hard to love when your hearts in two
Don’t let me fade into nothing, cos
Honey, I’ve got nothing but faith in you

So, lay your head on my chest
And leave your fears by the side of these tracks
Cos they can’t hurt us now
If darling, we never look back

We’ll never look back
We’ll never look back
We’ll never look back
No, we’ll never look back