From the recording I'll Never Let Go Of Your Hand


Let the night come down
To swallow this house
And gather my memories like crows

Cos if all that I’ve loved
Is all that I own
I’m gonna take ‘em with me when I go

How she carried the weight of my love like a cross
That could never be broken
That would never get lost
In all that this cruel world demands

Because they could send me to hell
From the warmth of your grace
And I’d never let go of your hand

Oh, the envelope folds
Of her letters preserve
A perfume as sweet as its strong

I recall every line
To the last longing word
The shape of her name on my tongue

Cos without her the days come and go with the pain
And get washed away by the morning rain
That cleanses the blood from these lands

No matter what dark skies unfurl
As we walk through this world
I’ll never let go of your hand

Back in my hometown
There’s a river that flows
Through the hills where she played as a child

And she follows its banks
Every night like a ghost
To the place where her innocence died

Well, this life was too cold for her heart in the end
And I miss her now. as loved her when
The dawn carried all she could stand

But you know I’d give anything
To be with you tonight
And I’d never let go of your hand

Though shadows will fade
In this failing light
I’ll never let go
No, I’d never let go
I’ll never let go of your hand
I'll never let go of your hand